New in v1.7

With Lens you can pick individual colors and add to your palette. Sometimes what you need is all the colors in a certain area. This is where Auto-Palette provides you a faster way to sample colors.

Invoke Auto-Palette with the Option C hotkey or choose from the Color Palette menu.

Once invoked, you will see an overlay screen where you can make a rectangular selection around the sample area. The overlay is put on all your monitors, so you are free to pick from the entire desktop area.

NoteThe maximum size of the selection is 400 x 300 pt.

After making a selection, hit the Enter key to perform sampling. This will clear your current palette and put in all the colors extracted from the sampled area. If you intend to keep your previous colors, you should export them before you invoke Auto Palette.

You can always cancel out with the Esc key.

Configuring Auto Palette

You can configure the way you want to sample colors and also the maximum number of colors to pick.

Tip Use the Average scheme for sampling from photos. The Histogram scheme works best to sample from online Color palettes such Adobe Kuler.