When we first started building QuickLens, the Lens tool was the first thing we built. Many of the features were added so that we could do a better job of building this app with pixel perfection!

We have used Lens to test the crispiness of our icons, lines, and controls. We also used it to ensure the right shade of colors gets used across all our tools. Frankly, we used Lens to test itself, by allowing two instances of Lens to run simultaneously!

Use Lens for

  • Zooming into an area of your desktop
  • Seeing the pixel color at any location
  • Sampling colors and storing them in a palette
  • Seeing colors in various formats
  • Copying the live color as CSS
  • Exporting colors as Html/CSS, Photoshop Swatch or JSON
  • Taking snapshots
  • Simulating real-time Vision defects
  • Making quick measurements

Keyboard shortcuts

The Lens tool is packed with lots of keyboard shortcuts. It may seem overwhelming when you are just starting out, but give it a few days and you will appreciate the power of using keyboard over mouse for some tasks.

To learn the keyboard shortcuts, refer to the handy Shortcut viewer, which you can bring up using the Command+/ shortcut.