When you launch the Guide tool, you will see the guide palette, which is really the control center for your guides. You can add and remove guides using the buttons on the guide palette.

Guide Handles

Move a guide using the guide handle. If you press and hold on the handle, you will also see the distances between guides and to screen edges.

The guide handle also exposes a few other functions as shown below:

Tip After you click a guide, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to manipulate it:

  • Arrow keys move left/right or up/down
  • Delete removes the guide
  • L locks the guide

New in v1.8 You can also drag guides by the line. Hover your mouse close to the guide-line and you will see the resize cursor.

Saving and loading guides

Once you have setup your guides, you can easily save them using the guide-palette menu. Guides are saved to a simple JSON file, which you can also manipulate by hand.

Note We like to refer to a set of guides, across all monitors as a guideset.