The vast majority of your time with QuickLens will be spent with tools. Each tool is highly specialized and does a few things exceedingly well. When combined with the abilities of other tools, you can bring out the true power of QuickLens.

Launching Tools

Tools can be launched in several ways:

  • From the Menubar
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • From the Dock Menu
  • From the Tool Palette
  • Global Hotkeys

The Tool Palette

The Tool Palette provides the easiest way to take control of the tools. You can bring up the Tool Palette with the Command+T shortcut. There is lot of information packed in that little bar.

The Tool Palette

Multiple tool instances

Some tools such as Lens and Ruler can have multiple instances.

  • Lens can have upto 2 instances
  • Ruler can have upto 4 instances

The Menubar, Dock Menu and Keyboard shortcuts are the only means to launch multiple instances. Tool Palette and Global Hotkeys can only launch and close tools.

The Menubar and Dock Menu also show indicators similar to the ones on the Tool Palette. An open tool has a checkmark (✓) next to it. The active tool has a dot (•) and the number of open instances are shown in parentheses. A disabled item means that you cannot open any more instances of that tool.

Tools Menu

Reset Tool

Well, things sometimes don’t work as expected. If a tool becomes cranky, just reset it. Use the Command Option R shortcut to quickly discipline (aka reset) any tool.