The designs and layouts that you will produce will likely span an entire gamut of colors. It is also possible that some theme colors may not stand out very well against these design backdrops.

Luckily you have the option to pick a theme that works best on your designs. Theme colors can be switched on the fly, giving you instant feedback. You can change a theme from the Tool Palette or use the keyboard shortcut Command+E to cycle through themes quickly.

If the default set of theme colors don’t work for you, pick a custom color and then set it in the Preferences dialog. You can change the custom color in Preferences and see live feedback on all your open tools. We are sure you will find at least one color that will work on your designs ;-)

UI Modes

New in v1.8

Introducing in version 1.8 is a way to switch the entire UI to either a Dark or Light mode. This is an additional way to make the tools stand out against your designs, providing you the necessary contrast.

Just like themes, you can switch between the Light and Dark modes on the fly. Use the keyboard shortcut: Command+M.